2021 Annual Meeting

You can still join us for the 2021 SOBP Annual Virtual Meeting held Virtually on April 29 – May 1, 2021 to watch on demand, recorded content. The theme of the 2021 Annual Meeting is, “Variability and Scale in Psychiatric Neuroscience: How You Seek Determines What You Find”. The field of biological psychiatry is approaching a catalytic period for discovery. The purpose of the 2021 SOBP Annual meeting is to provide an interactive platform for learning and discovery. The meeting program will focus on alternative and transformative frameworks for understanding psychiatric illnesses, and present enhanced and newly emerging tools for measurement and manipulation. Within these frameworks and with these tools, techniques and experimental designs are illustrated that can enhance understanding of psychiatric illness and elucidate the biological pathways and markers of illness processes.

Registration Fees & Options:

Emeritus Member:  Members who have been active members of the Society for 10 consecutive years, have reached the age of 65 years, are no longer employed full-time, and no longer wish to have full privileges of membership.

Emeritus Member– $175  

Regular Member/Non Member: Any scientist who has 5 or more peer-reviewed publications and does not qualify as an Associate or Student.

Regular Member- $275 

Non Member- $375 

Associate: Anyone working in a lab either in an interim post-baccalaureate position and, are applying for, or have been accepted to an advanced degree program in neuroscience or medical school.

Associate Member – $275 

Associate Non-Member –$275

Student Non-Member:  This student registration fee is for Residents, Fellows, Graduates and Medical Students who are currently enrolled in a training program and less than 10 years from your terminal degree. Note: You will need a copy of your student ID or a signed letter from your training director, which includes their phone number and email address, confirming your status in this category with the expected graduation date. We will contact your training director if we have any questions regarding your registration.

Student Member –$125

Student Non-Member –$175 

Low or Lower-Middle Income: SOBP now offers a $20 registration fee if you reside and are traveling from a low or lower-middle-income country as defined by the World Bank. For more information on these classifications, click here. To receive the discount, please contact